Reflections on GE 2015

The opposition candidates can hold their heads high for conducting their campaigns gentlemanly and without resorting to under handed methods (putting aside careless remark by Cheo Chye Chen which he apologised for).

The same cannot be said of the PAP. It’s bewildering Teo Chee Hian could allege impropriety in Punggol East by referring to a supporting statement which would naturally be incomplete than refer to the main statement which we would contain the final consolidated figure ( It’s even more bewildering that the average man on the street believes him. That average man on the street cannot clearly explain what he believes but somehow believes it. He will even excuse politicians by saying its natural for them to lie and cheat. On one hand, we say the political office is the highest office in our country that demands the highest of integrity yet on the other hand we tolerate and even endorse such unethical behaviour.

Detailed online explanations somehow cannot get to them and they would rather believe the grapevine or the main stream media juggernaut. There are some who actually believe that without PAP, the country will lose its ability to defend itself or to respond to external threats like the ISIS. They can’t seem to pause for a moment and think whether our soldiers and generals would stop defending Singapore if PAP loses power. They believe that without PAP, the Singapore economy would be ruined despite so many First World examples pointing to the contrary.

I therefore agree with this article: The biggest explanation for the PAP landslide is actually our naive electorate who is always ready to believe every silly threat and falsehood. The Singapore electorate’s level of sophistication is not there yet to endorse the opposition’s brand of clean politics based on fact, logic and argument. There is no point campaigning to people who tend to be illogical, self-contradictory and who would rather believe hearsay than think for themselves. Many outstanding opposition politicians are not born at the right time and their well considered messages will go on deaf ears. Even the appeal to compassion has not worked. Quite clearly, appeal to self-interest and greed works much better in Singapore than appeal to compassion.

There is nothing left except to give up hope on the Singapore electorate and to give up hope that opposition membership in parliament can one day reach a level significant enough to check on the PAP.


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