Suggestions for opposition movement 3

The opposition should jointly commission a study to find out what voters really want from them. Being weak as they are, the opposition is not in a position to unilaterally push their agenda onto the people. Being weak means they have to listen and given in to what the electorate wants. Only by being relevant to the population at large can the opposition do better in the next election. Being relevant means finding out what the population wants. But different people want different things. It is dangerous to rely on online sentiments or the sentiments of those whom the opposition comes into contact with. In all likelihood, these will be the sentiments of the opposition but not the population at large. Academics should be engaged to conduct a rigorous survey of a random sample of the population to find out what the majority of Singaporeans want from the opposition.

There is a need to find out:

1. What is the comfortable opposition size they will accept in parliament?
2. What kind of candidate profiles they will not accept?
3. What are the issues they want the opposition to champion?
4. What are the values they hold dear that they do not want the opposition to disturb?
5. Which opposition parties they like or dislike and why?
6. Which PAP MP they don’t like and why?
7. Where do they get their information on national issues and which news channels do they trust or distrust and why?

Such intelligence is necessary before any plans can be made.

1. Question 1 tells the opposition roughly how many seats to contest
2. Question 2 helps weed out candidates who would otherwise bring down the opposition
3. Question 3 tells the opposition what to focus on in parliament as well as in debates elsewhere online or offline
4. Question 4 tells the opposition the landmines that must never be stepped on
5. Question 5 tells the less popular parties to merge with the more popular ones
6. Question 6 tells the opposition who to attack over the next 5 years
7. Question 7 tells the opposition how to reach out to the electorate

Everyone will have his or her answers to the above questions and may subconsciously assume that is what most people want. But unless we get solid data from a good random sample of the population at large, we will never know precisely. Once the needs of the electorate has been clearly established, a simple set of goals and objectives can be established that can then serve as the focal point of the opposition’s message to the electorate.

The drafting of alternative policies will have to start with such intelligence. It is with such intelligence that the opposition can be confident that its alternative policies will be supported, not ridiculed. Attacks and venting of anger and frustration will also have to start with such intelligence. Only then will the opposition be confident that its attacks will be well accepted not just amongst opposition supporters but amongst the middle ground as well.

When the efforts of the opposition are largely driven by the right intelligence about what the majority of the population wants, it will be able to focus on what matters most and reap the most out of its meagre resources.


One Response to “Suggestions for opposition movement 3”

  1. Concerned Singaporean Says:

    Good job on coming up with a bunch of sensible suggestions for the opposition. I really hope they read this and consider your ideas carefully.

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