Suggestions for opposition movement 2

LKY and SG50

Do not assume that it was a one off gratitude for LKY or SG50 that the middle ground swung to the PAP. The outpouring of gratitude or nationalistic fervour was also drummed up tremendously by reels and reels of slanted historical narratives from Mediacorp that swayed public mood towards the ruling party. It must be expected that PAP will continue to use the power of Mediacorp to sway citizens all the way to the next election and beyond. All they have to do is air the video clip of Lee Kuan Yew shouting Merdeka or shedding crocodile tears every election.

Mediacorp’s slanted historical narratives must be countered. Best person to do that is Dr Thum Pin Tjin. Narratives like this help bring Lee Kuan Yew down to hell as someone utterly conniving, unscrupulous and without morals. More importantly, the narrative of prosperous colonial Singapore, our true independence hero Lim Chin Siong and Dr Winsemius who authored our all important post independence economic strategy must be promulgated so that the middle ground can better understand the fuller truth and become less adulated with Lee Kuan Yew or the PAP. It will take time, but it must start somewhere.

Efforts must be made to connect with CNN, BBC and National Geographic to make these films on a grander scale and to also internationalise and legitimise these fuller narratives on Lee Kuan Yew. Gungho shops can be engaged to install large LCD TVs on their shop fronts to play these fuller historical narratives 24 by 7 in all four languages. Subsidise their electricity bills and install CCTV cameras in case LCD TVs get smashed.

Huge rally turnouts

Huge opposition rally turnouts and intensive social media outbursts do not represent overall voter sentiments. Having twice experienced it, we must never doubt it again. If all opposition voters went to the rallies, there would be 1/3 of 2.4 million = 800,000 rally goers. 800,000 rally goers give the false impression that opposition has strength in numbers. Unfortunately, another 800,000 middle ground voters were at home and couldn’t care less. Many of the 800,000 middle ground voters may even choose not to vote if voting weren’t compulsory. So save on the rallies and use the money elsewhere. They only rally the 800,000 opposition voters but not the middle ground.

Prompt, decisive response to PAP accusations

Most PAP accusations are downright silly. But time and again, middle ground fell for it. Opposition cannot let PAP accusations fester for a long time without decisive response.

All parties must pool their resources together to come up with domain experts in various fields that can readily and decisively reply to any PAP accusation. No need to be overly deliberate as that will take time. Bear in mind the target audience – the not so sophisticated and bor chap middle ground. As long as the response can cast serious doubt on the PAP message, good enough.

There must also be a quick, well entrenched, vast, multi-tentacle communication channel via SMS, email, facebook that can quickly mass disseminate these responses out to counter PAP fear mongering.

Making opposition politics self sustaining

Online political education is hampered by the fact that it doesn’t reach many middle ground voters. Online Citizen and TR Emeritus can come up with a fortnightly or monthly newsletter that carries some of the best articles that resonate well with the middle ground in all four languages. With 800,000 opposition voters, there should be sufficient demand for such newsletters and hopefully that demand gradually spills over to the middle ground. It can even be sold for a token price of say 50 cents per copy to contribute to the livelihood of its editors. The business of political education should become self financing in order for it to last over the long run.

TR Emeritus should consider doing away with the more expensive part of its online offering to become more self sustaining in the long run.

Opposition political journey is going to be a long, arduous one that can easily stretch another 50 years. Political parties must strive to make businesses out of their activities so that they can become self sustaining. Outreach activities can include selling party merchandise so that funds can be raised while promoting the party at the same time. Opposition parties can also start tuition centres to provide good quality, affordable tuition to residents to endear themselves to their residents while raising what precious little income they can.

Converting new immigrants

Forget it. Opposition name has already stunk to the heavens as being anti-foreigner (fairly or unfairly). Only way is to get opposition supporters to marry foreigners who are ready to stand by the opposition and then convert them to citizens. But why go to that extreme? If we can’t even convert our mothers, fathers, relatives and friends to the opposition cause, how do we expect to convert new citizens?

So it all buoys down to point number 1. The narrative has to change. Until then, the minds of the middle ground will always be closed to the opposition. Any logical person when shown the full narrative will come to a new understanding. Not so for many of our middle ground. Sentiments nurtured since young through falsehood and propaganda have become so deeply etched into their hearts, not in their minds, they will never be erased until the day they die. Lies told often enough becomes truth for the many simple minded in our country.


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