Doctors should not use false analogies

I refer to the 9 Jan 2015 Straits Times letter “clearing the air on nude medical photos by Dr Karen Sng, president of Singapore Society of Cosmetic (Aesthetic) surgeons and Dr Matthew Yeo (chairman of Chapter of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.

Dr Sng and Dr Yeo likened taking off the undergarment while photographing a surgical area next to private parts with taking off the spectacles when photographing the facial area.

Dr Sng and Dr Yeo should not fool Singaporeans with false analogies. While the spectacles cover the face partially, the undergarment does not cover the surgical area next to the private part.

A better analogy is this: Photographing the face with a collared shirt on is okay because the collar, while adjacent to the face, does not cover the face.


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