Political detention without trial is bad

I refer to the 12 Jan 2016 TR Emeritus article “PRC’s detention without trial versus ours” (http://www.tremeritus.com/2016/01/12/prc%E2%80%99s-detention-without-trial-versus-ours/).

Cybernut Investor compared Singapore’s detention without trial to that of PRC’s and concluded that ours is better.

That is like comparing Lee Kuan Yew with Hitler and concluding that Lee Kuan Yew is better. In the first place, one has to be bad enough to warrant a comparison with Hitler. In other words, Cybernut Investor unwittingly admitted that Singapore under Lee Kuan Yew dictatorship was bad enough to warrant a comparison with communist PRC. You don’t find Cybernut Investor making such comparisons of Denmark and Switzerland because it is understood that these countries don’t belong to the same category as Singapore / PRC.

It’s bad enough to have political detention without trial which puts us in the same league as some of the worst regimes on this planet. D7 may be better than F9, but it is a fail grade nonetheless.

Finally, saying that open detention is better than secret detention is akin to saying it is better to be robbed than to be subjected to thievery.


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