Online spat between Lee Wei Ling and Janadas

In Lee Wei Ling’s original post, she claimed “cynics who complain that Pa restricted freedom of speech, you are wrong”.

Friends, if you think Lee Kuan Yew had indeed restricted freedom of speech, feel free to disagree with Wei Ling and say she is the one who is wrong instead.

Point 1: Sly

Round 1 (Lee Wei Ling): Janadas complained that Cheong was sly

Round 2 (Janadas): He did not complain Cheong was sly, they were Ms Lee’s characterisation, not his

Round 3 (Lee Wei Ling): Janadas was expressing anger that Cheong wasn’t straight with her father, she could not remember exact words

Conclusion: “Sly” indeed was Lee Wei Ling’s characterisation, not Janadas’. Wei Ling could not remember what Janadas actually said.

Point 2: Scolded

Round 1 (Lee Wei Ling): A PAP cadre told her that Lee Hsien Loong (PM Lee) had called Cheong to scold him. Later Cheong told her it was not scold but point out some issues.

Round 2 (Janadas): PM Lee did not call Cheong to scold him, exactly as Cheong had conveyed to her

Round 3 (Lee Wei Ling): While she said scolded at first, she also added that Cheong corrected her saying it wasn’t scold but point out issues

Conclusion: Indeed it wasn’t scold and both had been right. But since it wasn’t scold, Wei Ling should not have mentioned it at all unless her purpose was to implicate the PAP cadre who said it.

Point 3: Foreword versus blurb

Round 1 (Lee Wei Ling): Cheong asked Lee Kuan Yew to write a foreword

Round 2 (Janadas): It was a blurb, not a foreword

Round 3 (Lee Wei Ling): She has the book right in front of her, her dad’s foreword is there ahead of all other forewords

Conclusion: Looking at online posts of the so-called “foreword” by Lee Kuan Yew, it is only four sentences long so it appears more like a blurb than a foreword. Even if Lee Kuan Yew writes only two words like “Good book”, they will come before any other blurb or foreword.


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