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Commentary on 2016 US presidential election

November 9, 2016

It is a pity that Hillary couldn’t make history by becoming US’ first woman president. The online support I came across for Hillary in the lead up to the US presidential elections had been overwhelming. The attitudes of most Singaporeans towards Hillary and Trump had been as clear as day and night.

Hillary represented pedigree, much like PAP does in Singapore. Trump represented the maverick outcast, a social malign that has similarly dogged Chee Soon Juan. Clearly, Trump would never have been given a chance in Singapore.

There are of course important differences. Dr Chee is learned, gentlemanly, knows his stuff and reasons well whereas Trump doesn’t know what he is talking about or at least that is the impression I am given of him.

But the association is still valid because even though Dr Chee’s public image has greatly improved of late, the maverick impression that the public has of him has more or less stuck through the years.

When the US people became fed up with their government, they changed their government. When the UK people became fed up with the immigration that came with the EU they voted out of EU. I am not sure if Singaporeans are fed up with the government yet refuse to change the government or they are sincerely happy with the way our government is.

While the US presidential election never affected me much, I was silently hoping for a Trump win amidst the deafening cacophony of ringside cheers for Hillary.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t support groping and if it can be proved in court that Trump groped all those women then he deserve to pay the price and Trump’s vice president might end up becoming the president while Trump goes to jail.

But my basic premise is this. It really doesn’t matter who the US president is, US will be great just the same. If Apple’s Iphone batteries are going to explode in the air, they are going to explode regardless if Hillary or Trump is in charge. Microsoft, Google, Facebook will continue to churn out their billion dollar businesses regardless of Hillary or Trump. Amidst the clamor that Trump will run down the US economy, this is a good opportunity to show that he won’t or more appropriately he can’t. The democratic institutions of America which may lead to gridlock and so on will ensure that Trump will not have Mao Tse Tung’s dictatorial powers to run down the country. While The US president is the symbol and focal point of US power and prosperity, he or she is not the basis of US power or prosperity.

If Belgium can operate for about a year without a government, you can be rest assured that in the context of Western societies, good or bad governments doesn’t really matter because the engine that drives their economies doesn’t come from the government.

The Democrats have had two terms, it’s about time power wheeled back to the Republicans so the balance power is always maintained.