Hypocritical anti-colonialism

I refer to the 1 Jun 2017 Straits Times letter “Colonial era an important part of Singapore’s story” by Mr Gabriel Cheng Kian Tiong.

Hypocritical anti-colonial sentiments

It’s quite easy to see through the hypocrisy of those who purport to hold anti-colonial sentiments on account of Britain’s inability to defend Singapore during WWII. All that is required is to check if those persons patronise the many Japanese restaurants in Singapore or enjoy popular Japanese cuisine such as sushi or rahmen. Those persons cannot purport to bear more grudge against the British who failed to defend us against the Japanese than against the Japanese themselves who had inflicted cruelty and bestiality upon our ancestors. As an analogy, it would be unlikely for a lady to say that she is angrier with her boyfriend for failing to protect her than with those who violated her provided the boyfriend didn’t run away but tried to protect her. In our case, the British didn’t run away but tried to protect Singapore. Many British and Australian troops suffered 3 years 8 months of Japanese captivity which was as long as our ancestors suffered under Japanese Occupation.

Lee Kuan Yew didn’t fight for Singapore’s independence

It’s falsehood to say that Lee Kuan Yew stepped up to fight for Singapore’s independence. It was the Leftists who were at the forefront of fighting for Singapore’s independence. Given Lee’s adversarial stance towards the Leftists and his cruel treatment of the latter through detention without trial, Lee was the antithesis of the Leftists and therefore the antithesis of Singapore’s independence fighters.

Instead, Lee fought to transfer Singapore from British sovereignty to Malaysian sovereignty, with no gain whatsoever to our own independence. In fact, Lee didn’t even want independence and cried on national television when independence was thrust upon us. It is ridiculous to credit Lee for fighting for our independence when he didn’t even wanted independence.

More meaningful

It would be more meaningful to remind Singaporeans that Singapore’s progress has been a long continuous one since 1819 and that it was upon the strong foundations laid during colonial years that our post independence successes stood.


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